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An implementation of Fireside Chat App.
An implementation of various social
features that might make your life easier.
A list of popular news by hashtag ( # ) "trendy-ness".

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A simple site created by Karar Al-Remahy for use in a couple of projects, both private and school projects. I'm currently studying economics in Sweden (I'm planning to continue my studies in Russia, UK or the United States... But let's leave that undecided, shall we?). The fireside chat application is still under developement, and so is this site. Notice: It may remain under developement for quite some time.


So you did find my secret page, eh? Well, It will disappoint you... There's nothing of importance to you here. At least I don't think so... But anyway, here you go: Take a look.

An image.Image on the left, good. This works perfectly and it sizes with mobile users. I think... But not viewports... That's not good.

Update logs, alright!
Added this page, duh.


Yup... Not implemented yet.

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